This season's Berkshire Intertown tournament, being held at the Kingfisher Club in Woodley, saw four affiliated leagues (Reading, Bracknell, Maidenhead and Newbury) aiming to win the Barbara Peisley trophy, which had been won by Reading last year.

Reading retained the Peisley Trophy, with Newbury runners-up.

LeagueTotal Peisey Points


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This season's Berkshire Intertown tournament, being held at the Kingfisher Club in Woodley, saw three affiliated leagues (Bracknell & Wokingham, Maidenhead and Reading & District) aiming to win the Barbara Peisley trophy, which had been won by Reading last year. The three leagues were joined by an All Star team, who substituted for the Newbury League following their decision not to participate in the competition this year.

In the Seniors event, Reading fielded a very strong team of Under 21 year olds in Daniel Moses, Daniel McTiernan and Sam Ricks, and their strength showed in all three games they played. Reading dropped only two sets for a 4-2 win against the experienced Maidenhead team of Federico Viterbo, Hari Gehlot and Viliam Andrascik and whitewashed Bracknell & Wokingham (Ian Cole, Phil Mead and John Willcocks) and the young All Stars (Joshua Gallen, Sam Liu and Gus Thomis) 6-0.

Maidenhead, with an undefeated Federico, took second place after two 4-2 wins over Bracknell and the All Stars. Though Bracknell did not win any matches, they took third place as the All Stars were not eligible for place points. Bracknell's top player was Ian Cole, who managed to win two sets against the All Stars.

Last but not least, thanks goes out to Joshua, Sam and Gus for providing the extra games. They had an impressive win over Bracknell and went down fighting to a 2-4 defeat against Maidenhead, with fourteen year old Gus Thomis only missing out 11-9 in the fifth end against Hari Gehlot.

TeamWinDrawLossPeisley Points
Reading & District Seniors2004
Maidenhead Seniors1013
Bracknell & Wokingham Seniors0022


In the Veterans event, the three local league teams were more evenly matched. Bracknell & Wokingham ended up on top after a 3-3 draw against Reading (with a win each for Graham Outrim, Daryl Griffith and Richard Fifield) and a hard-fought 4-2 win over Maidenhead (with two set wins for Graham Outrim and one each for Daryl Griffith and Richard Fifield).

Reading took a credible second place after a draw against Bracknell, which included two set wins from Graham Diplock and one from senior veteran John Barclay, and another draw against Maidenhead, with Graham and John again providing the points. Third player Steve Ricks was unlucky not to add any set wins.

Third place went to Maidenhead, who got the well-earned draw against Reading, with two set wins from Lawrence Russell and another Steve Miller, while they narrowly missed out 2-4 against Bracknell, this time with single set wins from Steve Miller and Simon Wilde.

The scratch games were provided by a (not so) Veterans All Star team of Eric Van Looy, Chris Collins, Bas Mocharrifie and Hari Prasad, who received thanks from the Berkshire Committee.

TeamWinDrawLossPeisley Points
Bracknell & Wokingham Vets1104
Reading & District Vets0203
Maidenhead Vets0112


Reading & District retained the overall Peisley Trophy after both Senior and Veteran results were added up, with Bracknell & Wokingham runners-up and Maidenhead finishing in third place.

LeagueTotal Peisey Points
Reading & District7
Bracknell & Wokingham6


Report by Eric Van Looy (Event Organiser) and Adam McTiernan (Press Secretary)

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